Our story

Aarhus Investor Summit is an annual series of investor events bringing together angel investors, accelerators
and venture capitalists from all over Denmark and abroad with a shared interest in early stage tech startups.

The highlight of the year is the Main Event which takes place in May.
It is followed by a series of special editions and exclusive events throughout the year.

Aarhus Investor Summit started in 2019 as a continuation of Growing Investors which has
strengthened and solidified the investor community in Aarhus since 2014. In addition,
the initiative has contributed to the successful matchmaking of several startups and investors.

The next chapter
INCUBA was one of the first partners in Growing Investors and is now the
main organizer of Aarhus Investor Summit in partnership with Happy42.

INCUBA is a science park in Aarhus housing nearly 200 startups and companies focusing on IT, cleantech and health.

Visit www.incuba.dk to learn more.

Past events

Aarhus Investor Summit 2019 | Main event was held at Varna Palæet in Aarhus on May 9th with keynotes by Ari Helgason from Londan/San Francisco-based Index Ventures and Rolf Kjærgaard from Vækstfonden among others.
Aarhus Investor Summit 2019 - Science Edition was held at Department of Physics and Astronomy
at Aarhus University on November 14th 2019 in partnership with AU Technology Transfer.