Grow Impact: Sustainable investment in a time of crisis

Let’s focus on why, in a time of global crisis, investments in purpose driven businesses can be a profitable move. With Mette Fløe Nielsen from M.I.L Invest.

ATTENTION: This event is part of the initiative Grow Impact.

These days we are facing a major slowdown in startup investments in general, also in startups with a purpose driven agenda - the "impact businesses".

The slowdown is similar to what happened during the last two financial crises and is led by a general insecurity in the market and a re-focusing on own ressources. But why does it make sense, right now, to support impact businesses?

What makes them special and what trends have we seen the last couple of months in companies with a purpose driven focus?

Director and Angel Investor Mette Fløe Nielsen, on top of elaborating on the questions above, will invite two of the businesses she is involved with, to tell their story about how they have experienced the market change during the crisis and what they have done to adapt to it. One of them will be Lifeshelter represented by their CEO, Jens Odgaard Olsson.

Lastly Mette Fløe Nielsen will introduce why she, as a private investor, only invests in purpose driven businesses. What considerations need to be taken when an impact investment strategy is created – and what methodologies are applied when building an impact portfolio?

Date: 16th of June
Where: Webinar (Zoom)
Time: 16.00 - 17.00

Grow Impact is an initiative created to give investors a chance to learn more about impact investment through events and seminars, grow interest in impact investing and help impact startups attract capital for further grow. Aarhus Investor Summit is one of the partners behind Grow Impact.
16. juni 2020

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