Cases pitching at Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition 2022

Get to know the pitching cases at Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition May 18th 2022

All together 10 cases will pitch: Three spinouts and seven emerging spinouts.

The seven emerging spinouts are divided into two tracks and will pitch in parallel on two different stages.

Track 1: Pharma & Diagnostics

Track 2: Bio-Food Tech, Medtech and Sustainability

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We provide better, faster, and cheaper assays and test kits for drug screening, pathogen detection, cancer and chronic disease research. We are founded on the VPCIR™ technology that operates by detection of enzymatic activities in biological samples such as pathogenic microorganisms in food or the environment, extract from cells and tissue, and clinical samples.

Kripthonite Therapeutics

Kripthonite Therapeutics develops a novel treatment paradigm for cancer patients with tumors that contain zones with low oxygen concentration – a phenomenon known as tumor hypoxia. Tumor hypoxia occurs in 90% of all solid tumors and is known to increase aggressiveness of cancer. The aggressiveness is seen as reduced response to conventional chemo- and radiotherapy as well as an increased rate of formation of secondary tumors. In Kripthonite, we have identified a novel drug candidate, that primarily kills cancer cells under reduced oxygen concentrations and thus could suppress the aggressive features of cancers, when combined with conventional chemotherapy.


BettaSensing is a 2021 spinout with the mission to create a generic platform for routine, rapid and price-leading characterization of liquids. The nano-sensory technology is based on sensor array, in which each sensor gives a slightly different color change that in combination results in a unique fingerprint for a specific analyte solution. This technology can serve 3 purposes: 1) routine flavor control; 2) documentation of specific off-flavors; and 3) authenticity control.

Track 1 'Pharma & Diagnostics'

Equilibrium Diagnostics

We aim to Unlock the diagnostic value of urinary acid/base biomarkers. Proof of concept has been reached that urine acid/base diagnostic provides invaluable information for the therapeutic monitoring in cystic fibrosis and chronic kidney disease patients.

We are now ready to commercialize our concept. We seek seed capital to launch a spin-out.

Seidun Therapeutics

Chronic kidney disease is a global health problem with a prevalence of more than 10% of the global population, and currently there are no effective treatments to tackle this health challenge. Seidun Therapeutics is a strong team of researchers and medicinal chemists with experience in company formation and from the industry. During our research at Aarhus University, we have generated strong proof of concept data showing that a novel family of drugs has a dual positive effect in the kidneys and cardiovascular system, making them ideal candidates to combat the disease. We are looking for funding to continue with our pre-clinical work and from there into clinical trials.

4C Filter

4C has developed a technique for capture and culture of circulating tumor cells (CTC). Metastasis, caused by circulation tumor cells (CTC), is a major cause of death in cancer patients. If the circulating cells can be captured and explored, it could potentially help cancer research, drug screening and cancer treatment. 4C has developed a filter using the unique technique of melt electrowriting. The filter has shown to capture CTCs from blood samples followed by direct culturing of the captured cells. The 4C filter brings us one step closer to personalized medicine management for cancer patients.

Track 2 'Bio-Food Tech, Medtech and Sustainability'


Safetravel utilizing existing health data to create a personal health record. It will make it possible to transfer personal health information internationally through the use of mobile technology.

Helping vulnerable people to increase their ability to travel. Increasing the potential insight into health status creating value for e.g. insurance companies.


We are developing an automatic biodiversity monitoring solution focused on pollinating insects. The solution will quantify biodiversity locally and benchmark sites against national reference biodiversity data. With AIM, we tap into the great demand for enabling tools for action against the biodiversity crisis. The technical solution will provide real time results. Finally the tool will help create an international standard for monitoring biodiversity.

Green magnets

The industrial production of Strontium ferrites (magnet type) consists of many complex steps involved in it. Energy consuming processes like ball milling, drying and moulding have to be performed twice or thrice to produce these ferrite based permanent magnets. Our innovation deals with reducing the number of steps involved in the production of these ferrite magnets without compromising on the quality of the magnets. We have filed a European patent (20201547.5-1212) which supports our findings with experimental evidences.

Aortic ring

Aortic valve repair has become an alternative to aortic valve replacement. Our novel annuloplasty rings is a device that will be used to support aortic valve repair. It is a flexible ring that will be placed around the aortic valve that can mimick that natural dynamics and changes during the cardiac cycle.

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28 March 2022

Text: Helle Kollerup Madsen

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