Exhibiting startups at Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2022

Get to know exhibiting startups at Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition October 6th 2022


ACERA is Denmark's atypical type house company. With a mission to develop, create and offer climate-responsible homes, ACERA builds healthy homes for generations.

Learn more about Acera here

Anzaro Quantum Healing

Anzaro Quantum Healing creates apps that heal people and plant trees. Their first app is an app that can reprogram the subconscious mind through self-recorded affirmations that are repeated while sleeping.

Learn more about Anzaro Quantum Healing here


BioXpedia is a contract research laboratory that provides laboratory analyses, biostatistical service, and scientific support. BioXpedia helps research units at hospitals, universities, and pharmaceutical companies to identify clinically useful biomarkers and drug targets for treatment.

Learn more about BioXpedia here


CAPSULE is an app-based solution for your wardrobe. You can discover new combinations using CAPSULE’s interactive styling feature. Save and plan your outfits ahead in your personal calendar to avoid any more outfit-crisis.

Learn more about CAPSULE here


Crestwing has developed a wave energy device that utilizes the energy of the waves in a unique way, as the plant mainly utilizes atmospheric pressure to produce energy.

Learn more about Crestwing here


eBlaztr presents a revolutionizing new platform for high-performance PC equipment, bringing together 3 essential values: performance, upgradability, and portability in all Esport and gaming. CAD work and video editing the Desktop PC is still the go-to solution because pricing, performance, and lifespan are optimized, forcing users to compromise on portability.

Learn more about eBlaztr here

Grey Water Solution

Grey Water Solutions makes your water consumption sustainable by recycling clean bath water for toilet flushing. Their system GWS ONE is an innovative, well-tested and Danish-developed system that recycles 70% of the water from the shower to flush water in the toilet.

Learn more about Grey Water Solution here

Hecto Drone

Hecto Drone is an Aarhus-based company that has developed a spraying drone for fields. The drone scans the field and can cover two hectares per hour by spraying the entire field.

Learn more about Hecto Drone


Kanpla is an online platform for schools and canteens that offers tools to increase sales, engage and improve relationships with customers, streamline production in the kitchen, sell food efficiently and get insightful data from the canteen.

Learn more about Kanpla here


Kvantify creates algorithms and software that utilizes the advantages of Quantum Computing. Kvantify is working closely with leading companies to develop solutions that address these companies most difficult computational challenges while focusing on areas where Kvantify first expect Quantum Computing to be valuable.

Learn more about Kvantify here


LalaToys is a subscription toy sharing service for children and their parents. A membership at LalaToys gives parents and their children access to a large sharing economy toy directory for a fixed monthly price.

Learn more about LalaToys here

Naust Robotics

NAUST Robotics reduces bird damage in agricultural fields using automatic drones equipped with speakers.

Learn more about NAUST Robotics here


OrbisCure is a tool for organizations to detect and remedy stress in time. Through science-backed eLearning, OrbisCure helps your organization to support your managers and employees to live healthier, happier lives.

Learn more about OrbisCure here

Organic Fuel Technology

Organic Fuel Technology is on a mission to make organic waste valuable and create circular biofuels that will limit global warming and solve major waste challenges across the planet.

Learn more about Organic Fuel Technology


Parkeringskompagniet is an innovative parking company that offers parking control to residents' associations, municipal institutions and many more. The parking company offers flexible solutions adapted to the individual customer's needs.

Learn more about Parkeringskompagniet here


Partisia is a pioneer and a world-leader in commercial applications of Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). The company is co-founded by world leading cryptographers and Partisia has provided state-of-the-art security solutions based on MPC across industrial and financial solutions since 2008.

Learn more about Partisia here


The RE-ZIP vision is to put an end to single-use packaging within the e-commerce industry. RE-ZIP does this by establishing partnerships with value for webstores, carriers, and costumers alike – With the potential to decreasing CO2 emissions by up to 88%.

Learn more about RE-ZIP here


Siana is a predictive maintenance system that uses cutting edge sensor technology combined with machine learning, to automatically monitor health conditions and predict failures in production machinery.

Learn more about Siana here


SkipConnect is a data science consulting firm that helps companies to structure, visualize, analyze, and make decisions through data by connecting them with the brightest new data science students.

Learn more about SkipConnect here


TuneButler delivers curated music to businesses. The music is streamed and controlled through TuneButler's web app, which provides a reliable sound backdrop with selected background music and advertising spots.

Learn more about TuneButler here


Vuuh is a data platform which enables a manufacturer to deliver data to Vuuh once, after which all of the manufacturer's dealers can access and obtain the manufacturer's data fully automatically.

Learn more about Vuuh here


WeUse is a platform that supports the green transition and strengthens the social cohesion in communities, such as companies and housing associations. WeUse provide you with an exclusive sharing environment, enabling your employees or residents to share their belongings and help each other.

Learn more about WeUse here


Workfeed’s mission is to set you free from tedious administrative work so you can have the time and freedom to do what you truly love. Workfeed is making scheduling easy, flexible, and accessible for shift working teams.

Learn more about Workfeed here

40 GreEnergy

40 GreEnergy develops, produces, and markets energy, environmental impact and CO2 reduced products within heating, utility water, drinking water and energy production mainly for the private household - all from a perspective of real value for money for both the consumer and society.

Learn more about 40 GreEnergy here

29 September 2022

Facts about Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition

  • Aarhus Investor Summit is an event bringing together angel investors, accelerators and venture capitalists from all over Denmark and abroad with a shared interest in early stage tech startups.
  • The main event in 2022 will take place at Aarhus City Hall on October 6 th, including inspiring keynotes, startups pitching, an exclusive networking dinner and networking.
  • As part of the program we will be announcing the winners of the INCUBA awards: Investor of the Year and Startup of the Year.

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