Pitching startups at Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2022

Get to know the startups that will pitch at Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition October 6th 2022


Crestwing is a company that develops wave energy plants with the vision to be a leading provider of wave energy systems for renewable energy production. The company offers the design, production, establishment, and operation of Crestwing wave energy systems. Crestwing works to solve the biggest challenges of wave energy: The high costs producing the plants, the low power generation, and the challenges of accidents. Crestwing sets apart from other wave energy plants and utilises the energy of the waves in a unique way as the plant mainly utilises atmospheric pressure to produce energy.

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Kvantify helps businesses harness the full potential of quantum and high-performance computers, which is a technology that will revolutionise many aspects of computing, and complement High Performance Computing, in tackling the most valuable business problems in the world. Kvantify works closely with leading companies to develop solutions that address the most difficult computational challenges while focusing on areas where they first expect Quantum Computing to be valuable. This includes life sciences, financial services, and logistics.

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Organic Fuel Technology

Organic Fuel Technology is on a mission to make organic waste valuable and create circular biofuels that will limit global warming and solve major waste challenges across the planet. Applying world leading and patented microwave solutions, the technology turns waste, low-value materials and by-products into high-value biofuels and carbon neutral circular fuels through a superior energy-efficient process. The technology has been developed through 10 years of research, test and trials by world class microwave and engineering experts. Optimizing microwave cracking through the application of single mode microwaves has resulted a unique reactor design and infeed-system and has generated several patents.

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Siana is a predictive maintenance system that uses cutting edge sensor technology combined with machine learning, to automatically monitor health conditions and predict failures in production machinery. With the plug’n’play installation of the sensor devices, it will enable customers to effortlessly implement predictive maintenance. The Siana platform gives its customers access to simple health analysis and overview for all equipment. Siana’s customers can also dive into the data to gain operational insights on specific machinery. At the core of Siana’s vision is the belief that industrial technology should be just as easy and intuitive to use as common consumer products.

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Hecto Drone

Hecto Drone produces and develops heavy-duty drone platforms using hybrid energy sources. The company specialises in fully autonomous industrial drones, which are able to fly with 25 kg for 1 hour or with 1 kg for 10 hours. Use cases include delivery, surveillance, field spraying and other scenarios requiring long flight time, heavy load, precision, and autonomy. Hecto Drone’s solution is patented, and the company has the exclusive rights to field spraying using drones. Furthermore, Hecto Drone obtained 6.6m DKK in support from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark.

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28 September 2022

Facts about Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition

  • Aarhus Investor Summit is an event bringing together angel investors, accelerators and venture capitalists from all over Denmark and abroad with a shared interest in early stage tech startups.
  • The main event in 2022 will take place at Aarhus City Hall on October 6 th, including inspiring keynotes, startups pitching, an exclusive networking dinner and networking.
  • As part of the program we will be announcing the winners of the INCUBA awards: Investor of the Year and Startup of the Year.

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