The winners of the INCUBA Award 2022

The biotech company NMD Pharma and business angel Bo Wase received the INCUBA Awards Thursday October 6th in the categories 'Startup of the Year' and 'Investor of the Year'.

Startup of the Year 2022: NMD Pharma

NMD Pharma wins the INCUBA award because they have created a scalable, innovative solution that contributes to creating a better quality of life for many people. The team shows great tenacity and CEO Thomas Holm Pedersen is a significant asset to the startup environment. The biotech company has also raised $47M in one of the largest Series A rounds in Europe from four large funds, and they have shown that it is possible to start a biotech company here in Aarhus as a great inspiration for other startups.

NMD Pharma was one of three finalists with two other startups, Sepior and RE-ZIP.

Investor of the Year 2022: Bo Wase

Bo Wase receives the INCUBA award for his great work and tireless commitment as an active investor in his portfolio companies and the startup environment in general, where he creates results in the form of growth and exits. He is a role model for how to actively contribute to the companies you invest in, but in a way where founders get maximum space. Bo is one of the driving forces in DanBan in Aarhus and in the investment environment in general, where he is known for always being up for a chat with entrepreneurs. This is supported by the many warm nominations we received with Bo's name on them.

Bo Wase was one of three finalists together with Claus Hansen and Mikkel Ploug.

A big congratulations to both winners!

Winners in 2022

Startup of the Year: NMD Pharma

Other finalists: Sepior and RE-ZIP

Investor of the Year: Bo Wase

Other finalists: Claus Hansen and Mikkel Ploug

06 October 2022

Facts about the INCUBA Award

  • The INCUBA Award is awarded in two categories: Startup of the Year & Investor of the Year
  • The winners will receive a predestined travel grant with a value of DKK 35,000 to one of the world's major innovation meccas in the late summer of 2023.

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