Spinouts pitching at Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition 2023

Get to know the pitching cases at Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition May 9th 2023

Equilibrium Diagnostics

Diagnostic surveillance is key for every disease course. For patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) we have developed new IP-protected diagnostic concepts that use the patient's urine. These test results inform the caretakers on the critical information if novel CF modulator drugs work in each given CF patient and for the CKD patient group can identify those patients that progress dreadfully fast into final loss of kidney function. This information is decisive to “titrate” therapeutic and lifestyle interventions for improved patient care and guidance. Both concepts have been validated by voice of customer investigations from key opinion leaders in the CF and CKD field that underscore their strong potential.

"Equilibrium looks forward to pitching our promising diagnostic platform concept at the upcoming Aarhus Investor Summit. Hopefully, we spark some relevant interest in our business case among potential investors," says co-founder Mads Vaarby Sørensen.


FusionTherapeutics is a life science spinout developing gene therapy for rare malignant diseases driven by fusion oncogenes utilizing a CRISPR-based platform technology.

"I look forward to talking about gene therapy for cancers and receiving feedback and, most likely, sassy comments from the investors," says co-founder Johannes Frasez Sørensen.

Unipotent Therapeutics

UniPotent Therapeutics is a pre-spinout biotech that has made significant advancements in developing a stem cell therapy for Parkinson's disease. The company's groundbreaking approach involves engineering lineage-restricted stem cells that have been shown to efficiently generate the cells affected by Parkinson's disease and demonstrate exciting results in animal models. This innovative method offers a new and potentially transformative treatment option for patients suffering from this debilitating condition. UniPotent Therapeutics has secured substantial innovation funding to support the development of their therapy and is actively conducting pre-clinical studies. Their team of experts in stem cell biology and neurodegenerative diseases is committed to advancing the field of regenerative medicine, and the company is dedicated to bringing this revolutionary therapy to the market. With a focus on improving the lives of Parkinson's patients, UniPotent Therapeutics is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the field of stem cell therapy.

“I look forward to presenting UniPotent Therapeutics and our unique stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease. We are committed to bringing this innovative new therapy to market,” says co-founder Mark Denham.

Kripthonite Therapeutics

Kripthonite Therapeutics develops a therapy that eliminates oxygen-depleted cancer cells in patients with solid tumors. Oxygen-depletion heightens the most aggressive features of cancers and results in resistance towards radio- and chemotherapy. Our therapy derails energy metabolism in oxygen-depleted cancer cells, which leads to rapid and selective cancer cell killing in vitro and in vivo.

"We are excited to share the latest developments in Kripthonites pipeline in front of investors and experts in the field. After finishing a successful in vivo proof-of-concept study, we aim to raise significant funding for our further development," says co-founder Kristian Mark Jacobsen.

4C Technology

Metastasis, caused by circulating tumor cells (CTC), is a major cause of death in cancer patients. If the circulating cells can be captured and explored, it could potentially help cancer research, drug screening and cancer treatment. The pre-spin out 4C technology has developed a filter using the unique technique of melt electrowriting. The filter has shown to capture CTCs from blood samples followed by direct culturing of the captured cells. The 4C filter brings us one step closer to personalized medicine management for cancer patients.

"I look forward to once again presenting 4C technology at the upcoming Investor Summit. I look forward to meeting new people as well as seeing some familiar faces again. Aarhus Investor Summit is a great time and I am excited to share our progress as well as learning more about the other pitching spinouts!," says co-founder Sara Seidelin Majidi.

14 April 2023

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