Meet these startups at Aarhus Investor Summit 2023

Get to know the startups that will pitch and exhibit at Aarhus Investor Summit October 5th 2023


Kvantify is a leading Nordic quantum company, delivering quantum- and high-performance computing-based software that tackles the world’s most challenging and valuable issues in medicine, finance, and logistics. This includes a product that detects new medicines and solutions that optimize returns from financial portfolios and route plans (2) Kvantify, established in 2022, has quickly become a leading force in the Nordic quantum computing landscape, with a dedicated team of over 50 professionals. We deliver software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, that tackle some of the world's most challenging and valuable challenges in medicine, finance, and logistics. Our state-of-the-art quantum and high-performance computing software sets new standards for speed and precision, transforming the way businesses handle computational challenges. Comprising a unique team of experts, we are committed to delivering business value today, while paving the way with quantum-ready solutions of the future. Central to our mission is the democratization of next-level computational power. We are dedicated to making the technology accessible to businesses without necessitating substantial in-house investments. Our products include a specialized tool for the discovery of new medicines, as well as solutions that optimize returns from financial portfolios and logistic route planning.

Learn more about Kvantify here. 


Crestwing is a company that develops wave energy plants with the vision to be a leading provider of wave energy systems for renewable energy production. The company offers the design, production, establishment, and operation of Crestwing wave energy systems. Crestwing works to solve the biggest challenges of wave energy: The high costs producing the plants, the low power generation, and the challenges of accidents. Crestwing sets apart from other wave energy plants and utilises the energy of the waves in a unique way as the plant mainly utilises atmospheric pressure to produce energy.

Learn more about Crestwing here


TEGnology is tapping in the forgotten energy resource – the industrial excessive heat, by converting heat directly into electricity. The solution is based on state-of-the-art materials research and unique IP. Its products have attracted tractions globally and are generating recurring revenue from world-leading corporates.

Learn more about Tegnology here. 


Radiobotics is an award-winning Danish healthtech company, building machine learning based software-as-a-medical-device for radiology at hospitals. Our niche focus is at musculoskeletal x-rays, where we have two products CE-marked, with installations in 8 countries. We are currently building up our commercial organisation and presence towards repeatability and predictability, and are looking for investors that are interested in joining this exciting stage of our company's development.

Learn more about Radiobotics here. 


Exfluency™ is a global marketplace – a platform unlimited by time and place. A space where clients from around the globe source language services from our international community of Subject Matter Experts and linguists. It's our mission to offer our clients a language platform that uses a hybrid intelligence model to generate and perfect professional content in any language of the world. Our AI-powered marketplace gives access to subject & language experts around the clock, making it possible to deliver translation services faster and cost-efficiently. Data accuracy and security are the backbone of all our processes, enabling our clients to leverage their multilingual data in a way they have never done before. Get us to know and understand why Exfluency is one of the translation industry's main disruptors.

Learn more about Exfluency here. 


ROBOE is a hardware tech startup making robotic technology for the manufacturing industry. We are developing a thread cutting End-of-Arm-Tool for collaborative robots. This has the purpose of semi-automating thread cutting processes within the metal manufacturing industry, which have been done manually for many years.

Learn more about ROBOE here.

HATO Medical Technologies

At HATO we ease the burden on the global healthcare sector by making specialized knowledge accessible to non-specialists. We aspire to develop solutions that utilize AI and intuitive software products to enable early detection, precise diagnostics, and enhanced prevention. This way, we aim to ensure that the correct patients receive appropriate treatment at the right time

Learn more about HATO Medical Technologies here.

Tempty Foods

We are a Danish food innovation company that is developing the next generation of alternatives based on mycoprotein (a sustainable protein from fungi). Our first product, TEMPTY, is an easy-to-use alternative to both tofu and meat. It offers a great taste and nutritional value without attempting to imitate meat.

Learn more about Tempty Foods here.

Akson Robotics

Akson Robotics makes it profitable to be green for farmers through their AI-based platform CropUp. CropUp allows farmers and farming consultants to upload drone images of fields for processing. CropUp’s DL-based AI, detects and maps weed/crop on species-level down to thumb-size with an accuracy of <10 cm. CropUp generates customisable spray maps that fit with the farmers’ existing spraying machines, reducing herbicide usage by 60-97%

Learn more about Akson Robotics here.


EmpTech has noticed how manual labore is in the heart of many high tech companies, who relies on the strength and dexterity of their skilled employees to handle tools and objects. Solving these complex tasks in chaotic environments is inefficient, unsustainable and difficult to automate.
EmpTech's mission is to change this. Our custom fit, 3D printed titanium Exoskeleton power glove empowers skilled workers to more efficiently do their job, without risking their own health or being limited by their physique.

Paperflow is on a mission to accelerate and democratize scientific insights. We are building an open and trustworthy platform for the global science community, which will expand the scientific audience from researchers and professional science communicators to millions of everyday nerds using clever conversational design and state of the art LLMs

Learn more about Paperflow here.

In addition to the above, these startups will also be present at the summit with an exhibition stand: 

  • Battman Energy: BattMan Energy is a clean energy developer specialized in deploying BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) on the utility grid, but also partner in several technologies such as PV, EV-chargers, Carbon Capture, Wind and PtX. BattMan Energy was established in 2022 by Daniel Kappelgaard with colleagues.

  • Clutch Nutrition: Clutch Nutrition is a bio- and foodtech company dedicated to help people live better lives. Our team is comprised of experts with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, all united in our goal to promote healthy and functional nutrition. We are proud of our flagship product, Clutch Mindset, a sophisticated beverage choice for busy individuals who want to support their productivity and overall well-being. At Clutch Nutrition, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Every aspect of our operations, from sourcing the finest ingredients in the world to scientifically formulating our products, reflects our commitment to your well-being. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way possible, with a focus on your health as our top priority.

  • Contribe: Tobias is the co-founder at Contribe. We're about to raise our pre-seed and are starting to take meetings with VCs. Key highlights: Founded 1st of January 2023., Went live with product v.1 1st of July 2023, ~€40k contracted annualized revenue and +20 customers (end of Q3), ~€250k contracted GMV to date (end of Q3), High customer engagement and users loving the product, Strong PLG indicators (self-sign-up, low CAC and 17 day sales cycle), Cntribe helps companies turn sustainability into profit, by making it easy and attractive for companies to be involved in projects helping people and planet. Companies lack a solution to handle the growing consumer demand for impact focused companies, leaving major business opportunities (retention, conversion, and brandbuilding e.g.) behind. Contribe is on a mission to deliver these tools through our cloud native SaaS. We have validated key assumptions, the market, and willingness to pay - and are now ready to grow!

  • Welcome to – where the sustainable products of tomorrow take shape. Our mission is to pave the way for a greener future by revolutionizing the collaboration between companies and their suppliers. At, we offer a software solution that effortlessly digitalizes and automates the processes around data sharing and collection in the value chain. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, we empower our clients to succeed by transforming these previously time-consuming and manual processes into a streamlined, efficient, and transparent operation.
    Our platform not only makes it easy to work closely with suppliers and strengthen these essential relationships but also liberates a tremendous amount of time for our clients. We save them thousands of working hours, allowing them to focus on strategic and long-term sustainability work. This commitment ensures that our customers not only comply with the relevant legislation but also lead the way in creating tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.
    Take a step into the future with, and let us together use the power of artificial intelligence to create a more sustainable world.

  • Kanda: Kanda is a simulation platform that allows technicians to achieve industry certifications. Collaboratively and remotely. Our goal is to make training accessible, allowing individuals to earn certifications and practice procedures whenever they need it, precisely when they need it.

  • Monto: Monto is a shared economy platform that makes renting of tools, gears, and gadgets between people easy and convenient. Our platform serves as a marketplace where private users drive demand, and private and businesses are the suppliers. Monto provides a user-friendly, secure interface for all users, prioritizing trust and convenience. Nearly 10.000 people have Monto on their phones and are renting between each other, and the community continues to expand. With Monto, idle resources find new life, and users gain access to a vast array of items they need, without the burden of ownership.

  • OceanSwell Energy: Revolutionizing dispatchability of renewable energy by harnessing the power of ocean waves with repurposed vessels for low-cost, sustainable power production. At OceanSwell, we are at the forefront of developing ocean energy solutions. We have combined the latest oscillating wave technology with the sustainable use of end-of-life vessels, to create a low-cost energy solution that can be rapidly deployed. Our innovative approach to ocean energy means that we can provide a reliable and sustainable source of energy, which is critical in a world that is increasingly concerned with the impacts of climate change.

  • Reevela: Reevela revolutionises the interior design shopping experience by transforming boutique hotels and restaurants into interactive showrooms and retail spaces. Reevela’s immersive product marketing solution allows guests to explore and engage with their surroundings, discovering unique design products, local artisans, and even trying out furniture before purchase.
    For venue owners, this enhances customer experience, creates additional revenue streams, and amplifies the reach of local creatives. Design brands and product owners benefit from reaching customers at the point of product discovery with accurate information and simple purchasing options.
    Reevela is not just changing how you shop; it's changing where you shop, making every space you visit the potential start of a unique retail journey.

  • ReLift: ReLift is a startup that develops and designs an aid that will ensure better conditions and increased quality of life for the elderly and debilitated citizens in the society. More specifically, ReLift is an automatic and adjustable aid that ensures the correct sitting position when visiting the toilet. The modern toilets, that place the body at 90° angle, do not accommodate the anatomy of the body.
    The angle creates a too narrow passage in the bowel, as the puborectal muscle sling squeezes around the rectum and narrows the passage to the stool. It is further exacerbated by the use of, for example, a raised toilet seat.

  • Siana: Siana is a hardware-enabled SaaS startup dedicated to assisting manufacturing and utility companies in preventing costly unplanned downtime resulting from sudden machine failure. This is done using Siana's intuitive AI-based predictive maintenance technology, which is used for monitoring a wide range of critical equipment, particularly rotating machines like motors, pumps, gears, bearings etc. Using AI, we can accurately predict failures and breakdowns up to two months in advance, empowering maintenance teams to more proactively plan and perform maintenance, before an emerging failures lead to costly break downs.
    In late 2022, we launched our product and are currently in the process of securing funding through our seed-round.

  • SWÖM: SWÖM - Smart lifesaving swimwear for your child that automatically inflates in a potential drowning incident.

  • TinyFarms: Tinyfarms is an EdTech venture that brings hands-on learning to schools through interactive indoor farms. These Tinyfarms not only introduce students to sustainability and biology but also bridge the gap to technology and programming. Our mission doesn't stop here; we're in the process of developing a user-friendly data visualization platform, a sort of "Tableau for kids." This will empower students to explore and run diverse scientific experiments with ease, and shape the next generation of scientists and engineers.
    Our flagship product has already made a mark in Denmark with some good early sales traction, receiving a great response from teachers. We're also excited to announce our first foray into international markets, with our first distribution agreement already in place and many more on the horizon.

  • Upteko: Upteko™ was founded in 2018 by Mads Joergensen, Benjamin Mejnertz, and Sebastian Duus to pursue the opportunity of developing drone applications for the maritime sector. For Benjamin and Sebastian, it started as a hobby, competing in RC Helicopter competitions around the world and later became a business worth pursuing. Mads came onboard, and together they created Upteko and built a great team of experienced drone pilots, software- and hardware engineers, and business developers. Today Upteko has offices located in Copenhagen, Odense, and Skanderborg. At our core, Upteko is about using our creativity and initiative to become leaders in the drone industry.
    To develop fitting solutions to your needs, we value collaboration and co-creation highly among external parties. Through several years of collaborating with our customers, complementary assets providers, and even competitors, we have achieved priceless partnership within the maritime and other sectors. We are continuously on the hunt for new collaborations.

  • ZenzeTech: ZenzeTech develops digital biomarkers of treatment efficacy for Neurological Diseases so the neurologists can optimize the treatment accordingly. Our first target group are Parkinson’s Disesase (=PD) patients, where gait symptoms correlate with medication efficacy, thus we collect data through our connected insoles with sensors. The product has been tested for usability and compliance with 21 patients, the next clinical pilot study is in Nov’23 and commercialization with a non-medical device for physiotherapy in Feb’24. ZenzeTech has 5 FTE’s, a board of directors and are now raising 5.5M DKK at a pre-money valuation of 20M DKK.

  • DECAMEAL: Decameal specializes in producing sustainable, locally sourced protein from common shore crabs. As part of Denmark's commitment to phasing out unsustainable soy protein used in the feed sector by 2025, our use of crab protein in the feed sector contributes to replacing environmentally harmful protein sources while lowering CO2 emissions. These crustaceans present a significant challenge to our coastal marine ecosystems, causing both economic and environmental harm. Fishermen inadvertently capture substantial quantities of shore crabs as by-catch, leading to equipment damage and reduced potential catches. Our innovative approach transforms this abundant resource into three highly sought-after protein products, meeting the demands of the feed- and petfood sector.

  • Kitemill: Kitemill is a technology company that will revolutionize the wind power industry. The company's mission is to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission energy sector for the next generation by strengthening airborne wind energy technology to harvest stronger and more stable winds, in turn improving cost efficiency and drastically reducing the use of raw material.
04 September 2023

Facts about Aarhus Investor Summit 2023

  • Aarhus Investor Summit is an event bringing together angel investors, accelerators and venture capitalists from all over Denmark and abroad with a shared interest in early stage tech startups.
  • The summit will take place at Aarhus City Hall on October 5th, including inspiring keynotes, startups pitching, an exclusive networking dinner and networking.
  • As part of the program we will be announcing the winners of the INCUBA awards: Investor of the Year and Startup of the Year.

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