Key take aways from Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2022

We have gathered some of the key insights delivered at Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition on October 6th at Aarhus City Hall, where 175 participants listened to key notes, startup pitches and a panel debate. If there was a recurring theme throughout the keynotes and debate at this year’s Tech Edition of the summit it was how we can bridge the gaps between business angels, VCs, and other types of investors both nationally and internationally. And there is plenty of experience to draw on.

More and better networking is required - we need to talk to each other

Building the Danish investment ecosystem is fundamental for securing that the innovative companies and transformative technologies of tomorrow can grow and reach their potential. In order for startups to succeed, all three keynote speakers (Lars Frølund from NATO Innovation Fund, Kenneth Dambo from Dreamcraft Ventures and Theis Malmberg from Noon Ventures) agreed that more and better networking between business angels and VCs is required. This will strengthen the funding journey.

At Dreamcraft Ventures, they believe that founders need investors with a certain type of skillset:

"The three major challenges for founders are people, customers and financing. I believe it takes an investor with operational experience to truly understand and help founders bridge those gaps when building the companies of tomorrow,” says Kenneth Dambo, VC Investor.

Strengthen your international relations

Another take away from the summit was the fact that we need a stronger focus on international market reach for Danish startups. In short, we need more IPOs and unicorns in Denmark. And according to Mia Grosen from Canute, if you ask the experts our biggest barrier to more scaleups is global connectedness. Denmark is not a big market so if the ambition is to build a big business we must think beyond our national borders. Also when constructing advisory boards and boards of directors.

Watch a video from the summit in the beautiful surroundings of Aarhus City Hall:

Future-proof your investment strategy

We also got insights from Thomas Geuken, futurist and clinical & leadership psychologist, who urged the audience to use megatrends to identify emergent opportunity spaces. There is a wealth of opportunities for investors to consider when it comes to current megatrends, but don’t think you can predict the future. We need to base our investments on facts and insights, like Swiss multinational private banking and finance company, Pictet Group, did when using megatrends within future studies to identify new investment opportunities. It especially gets interesting when megatrends intersect – that is when we truly have the opportunity to create value. According to Thomas Geuken, the magic happens in the interface between two or more megatrends.

Knowledge intensive startups on stage

Aarhus Investor Summit is not only an event that creates a gathering point for investors, but it is also a platform for startups to meet investors and bring home investments. At this year’s summit, five strong and knowledge intensive thus pitched on stage.

  • Crestwing pitched the startup’s vision to be a leading provider of wave energy systems for renewable energy production
  • Organic Fuel Technology presented their work on making organic waste valuable
  • Kvantify enlightened the audience in their quantum technology that will revolutionise many aspects of computing when tackling the most valuable business problems in the world
  • Siana pitched the startup’s cutting-edge sensor technology that combined with machine learning automatically monitors health conditions and predict failures in production machinery
  • Hecto Drone showed their fully autonomous – and patented - industrial drones, which can fly with 25 kg for 1 hour or with 1 kg for 10 hours using hybrid energy sources

In addition, 25 startups exhibited at the summit and had the chance to network with the participants. Get to know all the exhibitors here.

Startup and investor of the year

Last but not least, the winners of the INCUBA Awards 2022 were announced. The biotech company NMD Pharma and business angel Bo Wase received the INCUBA Awards in the categories 'Startup of the Year' and 'Investor of the Year'. NMD Pharma because they have created a scalable, innovative solution that contributes to creating a better quality of life for many people and Bo Wase for his great work and tireless commitment as an active investor in his portfolio companies and the startup environment in general.

Watch an interview with both winners:

Save the date for Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition

Thank you for participating in Aarhus Investor Summit | Tech Edition 2022! We hope to see you at the next summit which will be a Science Edition. Mark your calendar on May 9th 2023.

14 October 2022

Facts about Aarhus Investor Summit

  • Aarhus Investor Summit 2022 took place October 6th 2022 at Aarhus City Hall
  • Aarhus Investor Summit is organised by INCUBA.
  • The partner circle consists of Aarhus University, Aarhus Municipality, Danske Bank, Danish Business Angels, Vækstfonden, Potter Clarkson and DLA Piper
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